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Message Cards

I was offered 1000 2 sided business cards for free as a promotion. all I had to pay was for shipping, which was modest. So I made the artwork below. Feel free to use it as you wish, even for profit. My motivation is to see the messages get out to people who wouldn’t see it at the online places I go. You can, of course use either image to print one sided cards.

I’m not sure the printing company I placed the order with will actually print them. If the process is automated, maybe. If it gets viewed by an SJW, them probably not. If I can remember, I’ll update this page with the results. Another thing that I should do is to lay out these images on a page so that you can print a page full on card stock, them cut them to size.

The svg file is a vector file, and can be resized without distortion, for use on signs, T-shirts, wherever you need it. These are for standard 2 inch by 3.5 inch business cards. First, the 250 resolution raster images:

Message_1_250Message_2_250Next, the vector files; you might have to copy image and paste into vector editing software. I’ve had them be a little tricky that way.