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1951 Chevrolet 2 Ton Truck Brakes

I’m rebuilding the entire brake system on my 1951 Chevrolet 2 ton truck. I have an old manual, but it doesn’t have a detailed diagram of how it’s assembled or disassembled. So as I go through it, I’ll post pictures that might help some other guy doing the same work.

Below is a picture of the first master cylinder, the one below the cab. I got the rebuild kit from Napa Auto Parts, If I recall, the part number is 33. I cleaned up the outside, but wanted to see if the end was a threaded piece that I could remove before I painted it.. It has a flat rubber washer in there, which is part of the double check valve. I know this truck has been sitting for years; it looks like the system was rebuilt just before retiring. Some of the parts are in great shape, like the rubber washer that’s on the end cap, which has been removed. I put it in a big vice, the we heated it a little, and used a 36 inch long monkey wrench to loosen it. 51 master cyl