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Painted Rooster for Pigeon Forge

Was asked to paint this large sheet metal chicken-rooster for a restaurant in Pigeon Forge Tennessee. They said they wanted it “colorful”. I decided to try and make it appear to have the iridescent look that black chickens, birds and beetles have. The first picture is how it looked when I got it.

So I first coated it with black primer. Then I selectively sprayed silver and gold paints on it. I did this on the top parts of feathers, leaving the lower parts black. In the one picture you can see how I put the spray gun at an extreme angle, to paint only the top part of the bumpy texture.

Next I mixed up different colors to be translucent, so that the silver and gold would show through. This shows best in the close up of the wing. Lastly, I clear coated it with automotive grade clear.