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About a Form of Gaslighting

May 21, 2023 • jdonahue

This is for cogofwar and no doubt others.

I’d love to talk about this, but first a story: A lonnnng time ago, a relative passed away. My mother wanted to go & help, so she took us kids with her. The adults were out doing stuff, there was nothing made for lunch. So I told my brother & sister that I would cook some hot dogs, which I did. As they took their fist bites, they were chewing very slowly, and expressed how poorly the results were. Me, being Mr. non articulate, blurted out: “It’s not my hot dogs, it’s my cooking!” INSTANTLY riotous laughter broke out w the 2 of them. I tried to clarify by saying that I meant It’s not my fault, all I did was heat them up.

Looking at my first comment in the thread at SG, and its attempt at self deprecating humor, I realize that the comment also fits your situation very well. I know it does because I’ve encountered a very similar situation myself. You are not alone in this thing. Your use of the word gaslighting, along w the other things you said, tells me enough. I want to strongly emphasize my desire to not get any more specific about the details of what you’re dealing with at Social Galctic. I like the folks at Social Galactic, they’re a great crowd, I don’t want to spread thoughts that would require a big clean-up there. If you want to talk details, use the comment section below or contact me at:
I think it’s safe to assume all the people you mentioned aren’t friends you know well. Think about that. Now think about the odds of them all consciously working in concert. It’s v low to none. What you are dealing w is very real, but it’s not from people alone. If you haven’t thought about this before, it’s some scary ‘stuff’, but again, it’s very real.

A long time ago, a guy was sold into slavery by his own brothers. He couldn’t understand, why, because he wasn’t a really bad guy. Fast forward, he is freed and prospers in the new country. Years go by, & his brothers show up needing help. When he finally reveals who he is to them, they’re terrified. But he says to them “You meant it for bad, but God meant it for good”.

You could roll your eyes or even spit on me for what I’m about to say, but it’s true. You will make it through this, & it will help you. This thing you’re dealing with is from Satan. Yeah, that Satan. Most people, millions of them, go through their existence never knowing how real and immediate the supernatural real is. You will never again be one of them.

I don’t know your spiritual situation, maybe you encountered some church people when you were a kid, I don’t know. But I want to say this uninterrupted, so I’ll just continue. Just as the darkness is real, so is the God who created all we see. Darwinism is nonsense in so many ways. It’s a self contradicting theory involving beneficial mutations. So there’s a critter with front legs that are half wing, half leg. This thing can actually eat better that his fully legged bros? These mutations happen over thousands or millions of years, that’s a lot of time to be on a starvation diet. Who’s idea was it to gradually make a wing anyway? Did critter bro go hopping around a lot, so “Hey I need wings”? And who even even knew what a wing was? Hmmm, the plot thickens…but gets worse. Critter bro is starting to age a bit, can’t hop like he used to. AMAZINGLY, he finds the one and only she critter with the exact same mutation. Wowser. Love at first sight, yada-yada, along comes baby half wings, The story doesn’t have to continue to absudity, because it already is absurd.

Now consider the human eye. The microbiologist Michael Behe says this:

When light first strikes the retina a photon interacts with a

molecule called 11-cis-retinal, which rearranges within picoseconds

to trans-retinal. (A picosecond is about the time it takes light to

travel the breadth of a single human hair.) The change in the shape

of the retinal molecule forces a change in the shape of the protein,

rhodopsin, to which the retinal is tightly bound. The protein’s

metamorphosis alters its behavior. Now called metarhodopsin ll,

the protein sticks to another protein, called transducin. Before

bumping into metarhodopsin ll, transducin had tightly bound a

small molecule called GD}? But when transducin interacts with

metarhodopsin II, the GDP falls off, and a molecule called GTP

binds to transducin. (GTP is closely related to, but critically differ~

ent from, GDP)

GTP-transducin-metarhodopsin II now binds to a protein called

phosphodiesterase, located in the inner membrane of the cell.

When attached to metarhodopsin II and its entourage, the phos-

phodiesterase acquires the chemical ability to “cut” a molecule

called cGMP (a chemical relative of both GDP and GTP). Initially

there are a lot of cGMP molecules in the cell, but the phosphodi-

esterase lowers its concentration, just as a pulled plug lowers the

water level in a bathtub.

Another membrane protein that binds cGMP is called an ion

channel. It acts as a gateway that regulates the number of sodium

ions in the cell. Normally the ion channel allows sodium ions to

flow into the cell, while a separate protein actively pumps them out

again. The dual action of the ion channel and pump keeps the level

of sodium ions in the cell within a narrow range. When the amount

of cGMP is reduced because of cleavage by the phosphodiesterase,

the ion channel closes, causing the cellular concentration of posi-

tively charged sodium ions to be reduced. This causes an imbalance

of charge across the cell membrane that, finally, causes a current to

be transmitted down the optic nerve to the brain. The result, when

interpreted by the brain, is vision.

if the reactions mentioned above were the only ones that operated

in the cell, the supply of 11-cis-retinal, cGMR and sodium ions

would quickly be depleted. Something has to tum off the proteins

that were tumed on and restore the cell to its original state. Several

mechanisms do this. First, in the dark the ion channel (in addition

to sodium ions) also lets calcium ions into the cell. The calcium is

pumped back out by a dillerent protein so that a constant calcium

concentration is maintained. When cGMP levels fall, shutting dowr

the ion channel, calcium ion concentration decreases, too. The phos

phodiesterase enzyme, which destroys cGMR slows down at lowe

calcium concentration. Second, a protein called guanylate cyclase

begins to resynthesize cGMP when calcium levels start to fall. Third,

while all of this is going on, metarhodopsin ll is chemically modified

by an enzyme called rhodopsin kinase. The modified rhodopsin then

binds to a protein known as arrestin, which prevents the rhodopsin

from activating more transducin. So the cell contains mechanisms to

limit the amplified signal started by a single photon.

Trans-retinal eventually falls off of rhodopsin and must be recon-

verted to 11-cis-retinal and again bound by rhodopsin to get back to

the starting point for another visual cycle. To accomplish this, trans-

retinal is first chemically modified by an enzyme to trans-retinol—a

form containing two more hydrogen atoms. A second enzyme then

converts the molecule to 11-cis-retinol. Finally, a third enzyme re-

moves the previously added hydrogen atoms to form 11-cis-retinal,

a cycle is complete. U

That’s just the chemical process, the parts of the eye are extremely complex too. They all have to be together to work, if one part is missing, none work. How did these parts know they needed to evolve into a complex thing?

There is a God who made all these things, and He didn’t just walk away afterwards. I’ve been a Christian for more than thirty years, I still have difficulty understanding how much He wants to interact with me. My thoughts always were like He’s so important that I’d better only take life and death type problems to Him. He’s the opposite of that, it’s amazing, really. But it has to be on His terms. We can’t put together our own Smosgasbord of religious snippets and bits of philosophy to interact with Him. His terms as thus: We’re all separated from Him by selfish choices we’ve made. A lot of times the word sin can be spelled self, because we’re disregarding God and others. Once we’ve crossed the line, that’s our label, we have to wear it. There’s no pretending we never acted that way.

Since we can’t go back over that line, the consequences are eternal. From what I understand, there are different degrees of hell, but it’s all miserable, because it’s permanent. God cared very much about this situation, so He came to earth as a man, lived a perfect life, then was falsly accused and crucified. What was going on in the unseen realm is that Jesus was voluntarily trading His perfect record for our sinful record, if we’re willing to accept it. It means repenting of sin, and getting a new life, a real one.

If you haven’t already, it would bring me joy if you talked to God about this .

Not only will you be part of His kingdom, but His spirit will help you understand things around you. I can help some, but you’re in a serious situation. I’m just a guy behind a keyboard who is also paying bills and doing chores. He is the help that is there any day, any night, always.

Satan is “The father of lies” and trust me, he’s good at it. When you or I think about lies, we think of deceitful, false words spoken by people to trick you into choosing B when you should have chosen A. Satan and his workers can be more sophisticated than that though. A crude example would be that they hide option A, create option C which looks and is really bad, so that you’ll choose option B, which is empty or less destructive than option C.

Now back to this gaslighting. They typically have a few operatives on the ground, who say things which are intended to make you feel bad in one way or another. Again, I’ve seen the details, mine situation might have been a little different than yours, but it was really bad. I have reasons for not publicly discussing the details, so please work within those parameters.

After their real operatives say what they do, then the crew of unseen operatives starts to work. These beings don’t die at age 80 or whatever, they’ve been around awhile, and they have experience. (I think) they work in groups on an assignment, unfortunately, it sounds like you were one of their assignments. They very carefully arrange circumstances in peoples’ lives so that the stuff they’re talking about is exactly like some everyday details of your life, and it sounds like they’re consciously working against you. Some are just shallow rude people, and the stuff they talk about applies to a lot of the people around them. There are some awful people out there, but most are just part of something they’re not even aware of.

You will recover from this operation, but not in ten minutes or an hour. The Bible says that if we resist the devil, he will flee. Right now, that’s the key to resisting. I want you to have this thought, it doesn’t have to be a big phony Tony the Tiger roar, just a calm unmovable inner resolve that says “You scum buckets didn’t get me yesterday, or the day before. You won’t get me today or tomorrow either.” Doing with a little steely anger helps. Think it, keep it. Keep it later today, and keep it tomorrow.

Along with this resolve, be in prayer asking God to give you wisdom and understanding about all this. He will. It unravels pretty quickly but think about it. Even if the operatives dropped everything instantly, you’ve been dealing with some heavy hairy stuff by yourself. That’s going to take a little while to readjust from.

Now you’re more aware of the supernatural than most will ever be. God can use that. It will help you take His word very seriously, and help you realize the importance of doing God’s work in this world. This has been really long-winded, but it’s the most effective way I can think of to say it. I did all this, and you can too, feel free to talk about it here in the comments or at my email.

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