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To the average Joe: If you were a drunkard, addict, or drifter, you wouldn’t be reading this. So I can make a few assumptions about your life. I’ll assume that you’ve got responsibilities of all sorts. Work, study for changes at work, family activities, maintenance of things, and an odd in law to deal with. So you keep getting the things you need from reliable sources, without a lot of investigation into getting different sources. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” right?


Have you ever said or heard the saying “They don’t make ’em like they used to”? That’s when a competitor takes part of the market share.

chip bag

Have you ever seen a product that changed very gradually? One day you look at it and say “Man, I remember when we got a bag nearly twice this size for that price!” If you’ve been busy with all the bustle of life, you might not have noticed that the news has changed. Before, even if you were skeptical of the news, you were probably like I was, thinking that they slant the news the way they want, but it’s 75 or 80 percent true.

The percentage has changed. A lot. At this point you might be directing more than “a healthy dose of skepticism” at me, but bear with me a few seconds more. Look at three¬† four statements from the government and the news agencies; three recent, and one form 2001.

“Give us 14 days to flatten the curve”

“Mostly peaceful protests”

Building 7 fell down by itself.

“Let’s go Brandon”

They knew from the start that they would take longer than two weeks. Here we are a year later and they’re now trying to force substances into our bodies for an illness with a 99.7% recovery rate. The vaccination is so beneficial they have to force it on people, for a virus so deadly that you have to be tested to know if you have it.These were the same people saying “My body my choice”. They said mostly peaceful protests that were in fact riots that looted many stores, shot people, and burned cities down. Building 7 was part of the Twin Towers complex, and fell down in a controlled explosion despite not being hit by a plane or debris, or being on fire. It just fell straight down into its own footprint. The crowd wasn’t saying “Let’s go Brandon”, they were voicing their opinion of Biden.

¬†Back to how busy you are: I could write of many lies in the news. They’re continuous now, but you probably don’t have time to read them all here. So I ask you to look at how big these lies are. These aren’t selective presentations and omissions of the truth to get you on board with part of an agenda; like hiring quotas or education for minorities. These lies were designed to shut an entire country down and get us into a war.

Please, take that healthy dose of skepticism mentioned above, and apply it to your news sources. Mainstream news sources all have one centralized agenda, and you’ll often see the same exact words spoken by different outlets. Alternate news sites aren’t centrally organized, so you have to sift through different opinions and priorities. Plus cat videos. Still better than being lied to.

message cards1

To those who are Red Pilled: You’re the one with good alternate news sources, and you know how to skip postings that are nonsense. The internet has changed history, if for no other reason than providing information that would otherwise be hidden. A mindset that I fell into was thinking that since I got information from the internet, it would also be a good place to share. it. But think about where you get information. the other visitors there are already aware of the things you are. The odds of you reaching somebody in the middle or on the left aren’t very good. Sure, you can go to their sites, but you’ll be banned by the controllers. Here’s a gauge of how many people you’re reaching: look at how many times your post was shared, not how many likes or upvotes there are. More in depth thoughts regarding IRL here.

You’ve seen the acronym IRL? In Real Life is where you’ll meet people who aren’t aware of how compromised the news is. And guess what: It’s beginning to look to me as though America isn’t divided between Purple Hairs and Red Pilled, Blue states VS Red States. I’m running into a lot of people who are interested in what I’m saying. When I meet someone who already has good awareness, I encourage them to take action as individuals, not groups. I tell them that Trump flags and Gadsden flags are “Hooray for Our Side”, but they don’t take action against enemy information strongholds.

stand up

Figure out ways to expose their lies. Here’s a page with the artwork for cards I’ve been handing out.

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