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Movie 2nd Hand Lions, An Assessment

I enjoyed the movie Second Hand Lions. Some of the adventures are just great stories; but I can relate to much of it. It’s fun in a lot of ways. Things from a past American culture, what has been called “the before world”. Several memorable scenes:

When the young guys are treated in a friendly way after the fight scene, nobody had hard feeleings.

The way the movie pokes fun at gun culture in a mild way when everyone is coming out of the house with guns.

The way they don’t hide what a shalow woman his mother is.

There’s a lot more, but you’ll have to see it yourself. My brother in law watched it, and says there’s an underlying theme that normalizes suicide. His notes are below.

Uncle Hub: ȁWe’re a couple of ‘has-beens’ talking about the past.”
Uncle Garth: “Gardening is what retired people do…it’s good for you…live to be 100.”
Uncle Hub: ȁYOU live to be 100.”
Uncle Garth: “A man’s body grows old but his spirit is still young and restless”

Jasmine has been promised by her father.
Jasmine wants to kill herself rather than marry the ‘bad’ sheik
“…we garden…we have outlived our time.”
“I’m old and worn out.”
“…never set foot in an airplane…they’re plenty dangerous.”
Uncle Garth: “Did you ask about Jasmine yet?”
Walter: “No.”
Uncle Garth: “Well, you had better make it quick.”
Walter: “You have to stick around till I’m a man, to give me the whole speech.”
Uncle Hub:“I will write it down.”
Walter: “If you don’t stick around, we’ll all miss you.”
Walter: ȁ…on a few conditions. 1.You two have to agree to stay until I’m through high school, at least. Preferably through college. 2. No more dangerous stuff…(like fighting with young people and flying airplanes.)….
Uncle Hub: “What do you expect us to die of, old age?”
Sheriff: “It’s a blessing they did not suffer. It’s a blessing they went out together.”
Plane wrecked/crashed upside-down in side of barn
Sheriff: “Two 90 year old men…went out with their boots on.”
Walter: “Yeah, they really lived.”