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Random 4_7_2023

April 8, 2023 • jdonahue

Here are some projects, pictures, and thoughts from the first week of April:

brown chair Every time I think we’re done spitting firewood for the year, it gets cool again. Each year we end up with an area that’s covered with bark and kindling where we split.

I was asked to make a logo of a welder in a basket welding an I bean that’s held up by a crane. I knew I would want to see it from different angles before I chose the best one. I have some ability to draw things like this without photos to look at; but I might get some angles wrong on this job.

So I made a model scene form cardboard and wood, along with the kid’s toy pirate guy. I WAS WORKING, this is NOT PLAY, regardless how much it looks that way.

welder guy700

It was a good arrangement, since I normally draw in two point perspective, but I got some nice three point angles. Here’s the progress so far, the customer immediately liked it.

Welder progress2

Someone on social media mentioned how much synchronicity they were seeing these days. That’s where you see interesting coincidences in everyday life that you KNOW are beyond mathematical probability. Some thoughts about this: I think there are at least three versions of this. The first is from God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth. The second is similar, but like Pharoh’s magicians imitating the miracles of Moses, it might not be from God. The third is man made. This evening I read a political article that was the typical doom-ish sort of thing. Then after scrolling down, found another article that was posted earlier. They both have the same key phrase. To use synchronicity in an ominous way, all a human actor would have to do is make a search for the key term, then pull up a dreary article and link to it.

Now about synchronicity that is from God, I learned a thing in the last couple of years. There was someone I knew who was very ill. I prayed for God’s healing, but it didn’t happen. There may have been obvious reasons why He didn’t heal this person, but I came to a realization: We often get what I now call “presence miracles” to remind us of His presence, but they’re not the same as miracles of intervention.

Speaking of doom, I’m not the only one who is starting to regard most of the federal or global events as a big scripted circus, or ((circus)). I thought the script was to distract, and indeed it is, but it might also be to keep people addicted. “Quick, they’re losing interest faster than before, roll out Ricky Vaugn and Trump’s indictment in the same week.” “As that wears off, put the one about a classified leak regarding Ukraine in ring three.”

There is so much that can be done to resist and overthrow this thing without being constantly focused on the three-ring circus, but I’ll relate that later. There are so many neat projects that I’m doing, it’s easy for them to dictate my schedule by things like weather or materials availability. Last night I had this thought: Do that which you would want to be found doing upon the Lord’s unexpected return.

One of those projects is to make a meat slicer to make jerky. I decided to use a piece of Spanish Cedar I was given a year or two ago. It had a rough sawn surface, so I didn’t realize how the wood looked until I sanded it earlier. I’m always amazed at tight annual growth rings this close together, if that’s what these are. This has one coat of spray lacquer.

Spanish Cedar bookThat’s enough for now, more later. Thanks for stopping by.


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