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Big Tusks Update

May 3, 2023 • jdonahue

I’ve been working on these big tusks/front bumper since last year, at least I haven’t counted how many hours, probably more than 100. Maybe 120 or 140. Tonight I finally started applying white paint. Like other projects, every time I thought I was finished with a certain step, I realized it needed some touch-up or an additional process.

Here are some pictures. the first is of two teeth laying on a bench sander. I didn’t think this tool would be helpful, but it was very helpful if handled very carefully. I used it to shape the body putty on the side of each tooth. there’s a slight bulge there, to hide the corner where the steel pipe bends. At the back of the table, you can see the brand of putty (Bondo) I used. This brand is new to me; from the UK I think. I’ve been very pleased with how it handles, and will certainly buy it again.

teeth 700

Next is a picture of the just welded, but not painted teeth on the truck, At that point I realized I had to add two upright stanchions to attach a grill and body panels to.

tusks Sonoma

Finally, I was able to start painting. I’m using Rust oleum semi-gloss white with other colors added, along with a hardener from Tractor Supply. It’s very close to being finished. It might need two angled brackets below it, and a grill made of expanded metal, and a couple of curved blue panels below the headlights.

tusks white 700

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