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Asian-ish Chicken Dish Recipe

This is a dish I made up while trying to figure out a different way to serve chicken and vegetables. This recipe is for a large family. I don’t have as much experience in the kitchen as others, so feel free to change it as you see fit.


1 whole chicken

1 package of fresh celery, 16 oz.

1 yellow bell pepper

1 medium size yellow onion

1 small bag frozen small peas, 13 oz.

About 3 tablespoons of corn starch

Salt to taste. We use quite a bit.

Fresh ginger. I have large hands, so for me it’s about the same amount as 2/3 of my little finger. Be careful with this, because it can overpower everything.

Rice. I made a big pot of it, but that will let us have it with butter and cinnamon in the morning.

Rinse the chicken, and cut into large pieces; like drumstick, wing, 1/2 breast, etc. place the pieces in a large pot, with barely enough water to cover them. Cook on low through the afternoon. As it gets near to being done, rinse and chop the celery, pepper, and onion. Grate the ginger. take the pieces of cooked chicken out of the broth, put in large bowl.

Separate the chicken from the bones, skin, and anything else you don’t want in your dish.

Strain the broth through a large strainer, clean the pot. The idea here is to make a clear sauce. Put the broth back in the pot, use it to cook the vegetables, including the ginger, but not the peas.. This is a good time to get the rice started. Keep checking the celery pieces to see if they’re getting cooked to your preference. When they’re 2/3 way done, add the peas.

Now, pour the vegetables through the strainer; return the broth to the pot. Add the salt. Put the corn starch in a serving bowl, add about 1/4 or 1/2 cup water. Stir the two with a fork until the corn starch is suspended in the water. If you don’t use it right away, it’ll stick to the bowl really quick. Have the broth at a low boil. With one hand, slowly pour the corn starch into the broth while stirring the broth with the other hand. You’ll feel it thicken right away. Turn the heat to low, add the chicken pieces, and vegetables to the broth/sauce. Keep on low heat.

When the rice is ready, put some in a serving bowl, and add the chicken vegetable mix over the top. Yum!! Serves 10, at least.