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Courage Award

November 27, 2022 • jdonahue

My mother in law is 90 years old. She was one of the pioneers of home schooling. It was considered strange or neglectful back then. It took courage to do something different. In a country of so much apathy,home schooling is an effective act one can do now.

She looks sad in the picture but it was tears of joy; she really did like the award. The thing is, it was so low cost to make, yet a lasting and unique way to show one’s appreciation.  The big lunk is yours truly, this is one of the best things I’ve ever done.Maggie award

courage award

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In Gun We Trust

October 29, 2022 • jdonahue

Years ago I thought about the phrase “In gun we trust” to describe trusting solely in widespread gun ownership as protection from government tyranny. I’ve been studying politics more, and now see another aspect of the phrase.

The first intent of the phrase was to address those who want freedom from overbearing government, but who disregard God by bringing the same entertainment in their homes as the ungodly, by sending their children to the same anti God schools, who live lives indistinguishable from their secular neighbors. The same two incomes, debt, houses, cars, everything save church attendance. In another post I made a case that Christ left the USA to its own devices in the early 1960s due to changes in government schools.

The second aspect of the phrase is about inactivity. I wonder if the right isn’t playing into the hands of darkness by waiting and waiting for a coming civil war and not putting serious thought toward other actions in the interim. I have no aversion to armed resistance, and I know a little about the hardware involved.

Another page of resistance ideas

With the raid of Mar A Lago, some wondered if there is truth in the Q idea. Maybe we’ll all know in two weeks’ time. It occurred to me that it’s all a movie, that Trump, Q, and the left are all on the same side, and that he will be reinstalled. Then, those on the right will have a sigh of relief, but the fed monster that Lincoln created will still be in place. The people will have jobs, domestic oil, and 2 dollar a gallon gas. But the department of education will still be in place, mandating the abominations of Darwin and LGBT. Those abominations are the millstone tied around America’s neck, which will be the end of us. Satan will have his way, the right will be divided and Christians will be a segregated minority.

OK, I have no way of proving whether the minority part is true, and frankly, I’m a bit over all the speculation, I’m over the political soap opera known as “Distraction of our lives”. This week’s installment is the migrants sent to Martha’s Vineyard. For me this idea that “the movie” is sinister is a working assumption. If that’s a wrong assumption, the goals I have won’t conflict with those of anyone who is doing what is right. Jesus said: Be not careful therefore for the morrow, for the morrow shall be careful about itself. Sufficient to the day is its own evil. Have you ever thought about that verse in terms of doing what you can today, while not knowing exactly what will happen six months from now or a year from now?

There are many memes and comments on the internet about the second amendment. Do you suppose the founding fathers never heard of the phrase “The pen is mightier than the sword”? Notice what’s in the amendment prior to the second. Yes, I’m aware of the extent of the corruption, and that we probably won’t vote our way out of this, but there is damage that can be done to the cabal other than shooting them. How do we really know how daunting the cabal is if we haven’t seriously investigated its strengths and weaknesses? How many have done an internet search for “non violent revolution”? How many have done a comparison of the Polish shipyard strikes  to the Canadian truckers’ incident? How many have a good grasp of the demographics of legacy news media viewers?

Art of War

It’s obvious that the the powers that be want to destroy the U.S. It would be no surprise if they have plans in place for after that collapse. Things like a new currency, maybe completely digital. How many of us have contacted local banks or businesses about establishing a local currency under those circumstances? I haven’t yet. What if the credibility of the news media was completely destroyed? How would this affect the cabal’s operation in a hot conflict? They would be attempting to use propaganda to vilify resistance, to hide their own dark operations, to make the populace terrified or complacent. Acting now to destroy the credibility of the legacy news media will have a direct affect in a civil war. Acting today to destroy the credibility of the legacy news media is fighting in that conflict NOW.

Do you want to affect that conflict now, rather than waiting for it to arrive? Then start analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the destroyers’ influence, how they manipulate people and retain allies. Of course, the activism that is appropriate for one is not for another. If you have young children, that’s a big consideration, if you don’t know who to trust with your thoughts, or how to safely relay them, think about that first. I’ve met intelligent people online, many are smarter than me. Imagine if the cognitive power of the right was utilized to analyze the weaknesses in the left’s institutions. I’m not sure that we’ve even gone half way there.

I have already been working against the credibility of the left, away from the internet and am working on efforts to counter the false science narrative. I was asked the other day what can be done in the face of such apparently daunting control. I realized that to say we need to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the left is vague. We need to first recognize the the components of their operation, the determine the weaknesses of each component.

I made a primitive diagram, it’s a start. You can see it below. In it, you see the central power and the outlying components of the operation. Each component has two arrows, one is what the central power pays, the other is the expected return. The tasks and rewards are obvious to anyone who has been watching; things like wages, wealth and job security are received for enforcing the system. What’s not obvious are the details of the exchanges. Those are the targets. Below are a few ideas of how to weaken or destroy the exchanges, but more ideas are needed.

Dark Chart500

I am a Christian, God helps me with things I’m working on. I’m in the process of reading “The case for a creator” by Lee Strobel to my sons along with our bible study. In chapter 7 there is talk of the ability to discover (I will call this AD). That’s the observation that not only has the world been designed and created in a precise and amazing way; but that it was made in a way that man can learn about its secrets. I wondered what would happen if I prayed for AD in the projects I’m working on.

I got great results in two of my projects. Now I’m asking for His help in this one. So far it appears that there are strengths and weaknesses in the exchanges of the system that should have been obvious before, but I overlooked them. Where you see ADA below, those are instances which I think are an answer to prayer for AD. Some of these ideas are so sudden that they seem beyond what I’m capable of thinking.

As I said, I’ve been making signs for awhile, here’s a link. I’m in an interesting location as far as reaching people with the medium of signs. Below is a picture of a recent sign. The ADA realization that came after I made it; is this: Big Pharma is a huge problem in this country, with their deadly agenda and ability to buy politicians. But where are most of their sales? Isn’t it through prescriptions written by doctors? How much is over the counter sales? If the public loses trust in doctors, this could weaken Big Pharma.

tailgate 2

More ADA: One of the most important parts of marketing is to know where your customers are coming from; which advertisements they’re responding to. A keen employer will have his employees always politely ask people “So how did you hear about us?”

Suppose that you wanted to target the finances of a lying media outlet. So you see who their biggest advertisers are. If you were to boycott them, it would create hostility toward your cause. What if instead, you helped the advertiser to know where their customers were really coming from? There are a lot of wasted advertising dollars spent. Then, you would be a friend who is helping. If it turns out that the media outlet is working for them, you won’t have made an enemy, and they might be open to other marketing suggestions.

cards marketing2

These are just a few ideas. Imagine if the smart people in the Dissident Right prayed for the ability to discover ways of engaging and damaging the institutions of the evil agenda? If we truly knew the workings of the enemy, and knew ourselves?

Below are pictures of signs I’ve made and cards I distribute. Cards are easier and less expensive than stickers. ADA With a simple roll of clear tape, you can put them a lot of places.
cards lied to2

I read an analysis of sucessful and failed non violent revolutions; one feature of the sucessful ones was to diminish the loyalty of troops and police to the government.

Here’s the back of a van with a message about the lying news media:

van back

#whattodo What to do. Activism. Practical resistance. Fight the deep state. #activism

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Making Big Boar Tusks Update

October 17, 2022 • jdonahue

You’ve no doubt seen the twin vertical push guards on the front bumper of police cars, or a similar arrangement of a deer guard on a truck. So what if instead of boring old steel parts painted black, you had giant wild boar tusks there instead. I think it’s one of the coolest ideas I’ve had.

I’ve been working on it awhile, a few hours each weekend. Below are some pictures of the progress. I decided that I should also make the 6 incisor teeth between the tusks. Initially that seemed like a difficult task, but it has been a lot easier than I thought.

The tusks each consist of two pieces of 1/4 inch plate steel. Both pieces are long tall triangles. The ‘back’ one is heated in a forge and shaped to fit the curve of the tusk, then welded to the flat center piece. If this sounds confusing, the picture below should show what I mean. the silver part is an old car axle from probably the 1940s I found burried in the garden. It will be the wide part of the bumper. Looks like car bones, eh? Perfect for this project.
tusk bumperThe teeth are made from 6 pieces of steel pipe. The two center teeth are 3 inch diameter pipe, 9 inches long. The next teeth going outward are 2.5 inch diameter, 8 inches long. The outside two teeth are 2 inches diameter, 7 inches long. The teeth are round at the base, but taper to a flat edge at the top. In the diagram below, A is the bottom of the pipe cut at 45 degrees. B is the top cut at 90 degrees. C is a wedge shaped cut along the side so that the two halves can be pushed together. This cut needs to be wider than you think, so that the sides also taper, as seen by the red lines at the right. D is a dual notch cut which makes putting the two halves together a lot easier. The top edges will need to be flattened with a hammer and welded as shown by the blue line to the right. Thicker pipe will require heating in this area.

boar tooth diag

So the teeth decrease in size, and since they also decrease in length, the cutting line of the incisors is tilted. I’m trying for excellence of design and execution, so there’s a final consideration: I didn’t want the teeth to be staggered, but on one line. I first thought I might have to tack weld the teeth in position on the 1/4 inch jaw plate that the tusks are mounted to, in order to mark where to cut the top edge of each tooth. I didn’t want to weld them in place until all the fiberglass and bondo shaping was done, since they are so close togetether that work would be difficult. I’ll weld them inplace afterwards, using a squirt bottle with ice water in it to protect the top part of each tooth from migrating weld heat. The orange diagram below shows the difference between staggered teeth and those on a line. I didn’t need to tack weld them in place, I just held three at a time by pushing down on the base of them, then marked the line on each one with soap stone.

boar teeth line

The teeth have had their fist layer of fiberglass in this picture, it’s to cover the gap created by my poor torch work. It was like some of these old pieces of pipe had a layer of mud inside them. When I went to cut with the torch, sometimes the metal would just turn into a puddle of liquid, then blow out a hole that was too big. Fiberglass will fix it.

boar teeth

In the next picture I have taken a thin cutting wheel on a four inch angle grinder and made notches along the edges of the tusks. This is for the thin wire, which is shown in the second picture. The third picture shows where I started putting fibersglass on the wire. It will work better when I use gravity for me, not against me. This is the progress from the weekend of October 16th, 2022.

tusk notches650tusk wire650tusk fiberg650


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Painted an Old Chain Saw

September 5, 2022 • jdonahue

A friend gave me this old homelight chain saw. It runs, but I knew that if I started using it without painting it, it might never get painted. So here are the before and after pictures. besides painting, I also cleaned parts with steel wool.

chainsaw 2bchainsaw 3b

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Sonoma Front Bumper Update

September 5, 2022 • jdonahue

I don’t know which is more embarrasing, having a collision that damages the front bumper, or leaving the truck on the yard without the brake on and having it roll into a pole. The latter is what did happen. The good part is that after taking the massive factory bumper off, I like the stubby look of the body much better without it.

I’m still working on the tusk push gaurds, but this needs to be in place for them to mount on. I made a larger one from some 3 sided channel steel, but it’s too big. It visually replaces what was there before, and I need something much more minimalistic. I was digging in the garden and hit what I thought was a rock. I moved the shovel tip to the side, and hit the object again, thinking that it was a brick. I moved the shovel to the side again, and hit the object once more. At that point, I worked at removing whatever it was. Turns out it was a very old car or truck axle from the late 1930s or early 1940s, I’m guessing. It has the perfect dimensions for this project.

Here’s what the truck bumper looked like from the factory:

blocks2bHere’s the stubby look, without the front bumper. It also has a new paint scheme which makes the body look slimmer.

Sonoma1Here’s the first bumper I was making, with the newer one below it. The newer one is an angle iron piece and the axle. The picture below that is after I made holes to mount the axle  to the angle iron bracket. The bolts are 5/8ths thick with 1&1/4 inch long spacers.

bumper2bumper 1Here’s a closer picture so that you can see how the axle is formed:

close upIt’s far from finished, but I like the progress. I was having doubts about the the other bumper I was making, and that’s not a good point to keep going from.

Update: I worked on the tusk part this weekend. I had to fire up the coal forge and bend the back plates to match the curved pieces.

tusk 800

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The Movie is a Distraction?

September 3, 2022 • jdonahue

The Puppet’s red speech was so bizarre, so over the top that it made me wonder why. What if Q and the Uniparty are one, we are watching a movie, but it’s a distraction. Think about how vile the trans agenda and Disney Satanism toward children are; how people would react if there was no political theater. THOSE are the real agenda?

Now for some over the top speculation: The political situation gets so heated that we see the begining stages of CW 2.0. The military intervenes, saves America. Leaves D.C. intact, including the department of Education, with its Darwin and trans abominations. Everybody has a sigh of relief, they say “Finally, peace and safety” …

Remember when Islamic terrorism occupied so much of our attention? Did that all stop?

Terrorism EU

Here’s a meme I made a few years back; more applicable than ever.


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Unpleasant Coincidences

July 23, 2022 • jdonahue

I was a creationist before I was a Christian. I know God is real, and so is His adversary. The reports I hear of terrible things happenning to children; as well as the desire to have a good place for my children to dwell in, are part of the reasons I’m involved in activism. My medium is signs. Other people use the internet, which helps me to stay informed, but my efforts to reach people there have very limited results, besides, I would be “preaching to the choir”.

I’ve spent a lot of time lately thinking about world events, trying to make sense of what’s going on and what I should do about it. Wednesday night I thought that I should use some of the enemy’s own activities against them. That could involve different facets; one is that the things they’re promoting right now are so strange that they open themselves to savage mockery.

Thursday while doing a rote task, I prayed about it, and thought of a sign with three simple drawings on it. The first drawing will say “Not an airplane”. EDIT: the drawings and vector files are completed.


I walked to the site and got these pictures. Here’s what was dangerous: the tree he crashed into had been felled a couple weeks ago, the wood is very fresh, and strong. In the second picture, you can see a number of broken limbs pointing the EXACT direction of the plane’s path.

The little plane doesn’t really have a cab; had he been a couple feet lower, he would have been gored. Yes, this could all be coincidence, but my impression was that they were telling me how big they are, and that they can arrange things. Well OK, I already knew that, I’ve seen things I don’t talk about, because people wouldn’t believe me.

There are a number of Bible verses that talk about God’s protection, and as far as I’m concerned, this is another example. God saw to it that he went just above those limbs. Yes, I could put the sign on hold, but this isn’t the first time I thought “Thanks for confirming what you don’t like”.

Please keep us in prayer. I don’t consider myself Joe Bad, in fact, when I was young, I was the fat kid who came home from school and watched Gilligan’s Island reruns on TV. Life has a way of changing all that, and being a sign maker, I consider this my duty. crash1crash2prop

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Restoring a Sawmill

July 18, 2022 • jdonahue

I was running a borrowed sawmill as a business, but the logistics of moving logs in, lumber out, and being anoying to the neighbors was enough to make me put it on hold. We have another sawmill on loan, one that is bigger, but needs restoring. It’s been left outside for years, most of the control wires are torn off. The company that made it is no longer in business, so an owner’s manual isn’t available.

I worked on it more today. What I’m doing in essence is reverse engineering the owner’s manual and schematics. Up until today, I was just making drawings; today I was able to start tracking where hoses went, and thereby knowing how to operate the control panel, and which parts need to be replaced.

Below are some pictures. The first one is of the portable control panel, and the hoses attached to it. The labels were made months ago, but still work well. They’re made from pieces of sign vinyl (the stuff vinyl letters are cut from) and a black China marker, AKA a grease pencil. It hiolds up to weather and sun better than a felt marker.

control panel 1The next picture shows some of the drawings I’m making. The largest drawing is about 18 inches by 5 feet, the others are 8.5 X 11.

mill drawings 1mill drawings 4

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Family Adapting to Circumstances.

June 19, 2022 • jdonahue

My wife passed away about two years ago. I have two sons who are still school age. One of my daughters, who is 20, has stepped in to take care of them, but it means spending a lot of time at home. One of the things she does for money is to buy old horse trailers, paint them, and resell them. It works well. Most of the work for a paint job is in the preparation steps, which she does. Then I do the actual painting.

It’s a learning process; here are a few tips on what we do: Paint them grey, since it’s a nuetral color, and is more compatible with the color of the buyer’s vehicle. For instance, even though I have a couple gallons of a nice green color, it won’t go well with someone who owns a red truck. In this latest case, she bought white for the roof, and grey. I painted the roof white first, (it will be cooler in summer), then the grey at the bottom. Next I took the remainder of both, and mixed them to make the light grey in the middle. That way, it will be an exact tint of the grey below, which in this case is a nice warm charcoal type of grey..

In the second picture you can see a dashed red line I made with a sharpie pen prior to painting the darker grey. It’s an old trick, just about gauranteed tio work. Red bleeds through really bad, so I use that to my advantage. This way I can spray the lower grey just above the line so that I know it’s completely covering the lower area. Also, I don’t have to draw the line twice, or spend the time taping it off twice. The second application of tape would be slow, since I would have to align it perfectly with the previous application. This works really well, and the red doesn’t have enough penetration to come through the light grey. horse trailer 1horse trailer 2

White, black, grey, and silver are nuetral “colors”. (In art class I was told that they really aren’t colors, and I concur, but for the sake of conversation, I refer to them as such) Clean the tires really weel before painting the wheels. That way, you won’t mar the fresh paint with chemicals like degreaser. I use a somewhat thing piece of aluminum as a paint guard. It’s about 4 inches wide by 24 inches long. It’s bent in a curve. I place it carefully around the little bit of steel that is the outside edge of the wheel, and hold it there with one hand while using a can of spray paint in the other. The guard isn’t long enough to go all the way around the wheel, so I’m very careful to not paint to the ends of the guard. If I did, paint would spary past the guard and get on the tire. A really bad, cheesy look. This is the absolute fastest and easiest way I’ve ever used to paint wheels. Not only is the silver nuetral, but it has awesome coverage. Another thing, I was careful about proportions. The narrowest area is the white on the roof, the light grey is a little wider, and the dark grey is the widest area. that way none are competing with another for design/visual trailer 3

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My New Buddy

June 18, 2022 • jdonahue

Donkey 1

A couple months ago, we were suddenly aware of a new presence in the pasture across the street. A friend of the land owner wanted a place to put his donkey, so they agreed to put it there. It made loud braying sounds day and night. I mean REALLY LOUD, like a foghorn. After awhile, you get somewhat accustomed to it.

I got to seeing the donkey, and wondering about it. So I went over to the fence when it was near. As far as I know, these animals are rounded up by the BLM and sent out for adoption. They do the same with wild mustamgs, but I know for certain that the mustangs get training before finding a home. I’m not so sure about the donkeys. Here’s a strong animal, who could break my fingers if he bit the, so I had to be careful.

Well talk about friendly. He let me pet him, and seemed to like it. I noticed that his hooves were grown way out, which is not good, they need to be trimmed. I assume he has never been brushed, or at least, not lately. I wanted to work with him, but needed to obtain permission. So I asked the land owner, who said he would ask the donkey owner. I’ve been very busy lately, and have missed the land owner the few times I tried to recontact him. Finally I talked to him as he was driving his tractor down the street, and he said that it would be OK.

This moring I saw the donkey near the barn, and called him over. I got a few pieces of whole grain bread, and went inside the pasture where he was. He liked the bread, I figure a few pieces wouldn’t collick him. NOTE: learn about “5 Hearts” before feeding any equine type animal, or even being around them One bag of sweet feed left carelessly open near horses can ruin them for life. Seriously. “5Hearts” is the first thing you need to learn. I cautiously touched him, running my hands along his back and sides. I even ran a hand down his leg, and was able to pick up the lower part of each front leg. Once he gets confortable with that, I might try to trim the front hooves.

I’ve done this before, but it was on a horse I knew was tame. This, like other projects involving animals, will require patience, but I think it will go well. The land owner said that a farrier was ‘supposed to’ come by for the hooves, but those guys are busy, and getting them to stop in for one semi wild little animal can be difficult. He also said another friend wanted to stud him, (he has all his original equipment). That’s another reason I’m surpried at how friendly he is. Maybe donkeys are just different than horses.

After I petted him, I got a few horse grooming brushes. He let me brush him all over, although I left most of the back legs alone. He even let me brush his course little tangled tail hairs. Such a good boy. When I was done, he followed me to the gate, as though he wanted more. Rest assured little buddy, there will be more. Someone as busy as me needs to be carefull about taking on a new project, but there’s a practical angle: He’s a small draft animal. There’s a spring in a valley near our house, if things get bad, I can hitch my buddy to a small cart, and have him bring buckets of water up to the house.

Whatever happens, it was great start to this Saturday.

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