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Police Priorities

May 30, 2022 • jdonahue

pensionSome are saying it was cowardice; I’ve got a different take. Not a new insight by any means, but bigger than people realize. My reply to a discussion of the hallway incident:

I wouldn’t call it cowardice only, as much as heartless. I heard that some of them were angry at the order. So this incident is the perfect example, the epitome, the current meme of a much bigger problem. The essence of what happened is that the officers prioritized their pensions over children’s lives. Another facet of this is that they have not learned another skill set. Many are veterans, they were trained in the application of force for the state. If there was another field waiting for them, there -might- be less of them obeying bad orders.
I’m expounding on this because it’s part of a bigger problem we face. The situation at the federal level is unsustainable. Being the snakes (sorry snakes, my apologies) that they are, they already have a phase 2 plan in place. We must be careful to not have state governments go along with it. The loyalty of police and military to their pensions will be a big hazard at that time.
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Is This Petrified Wood?

May 6, 2022 • jdonahue

I was out in the woods looking for a certain shaped branch, which I found, but I also found a rock that I think is petrified wood. Here’s the branch I was looking for; the old timers used one like it for riving white oak shingles. It’s on a shave horse, where I used a draw knife to remove the bark.

brace 2

Pictures of the rock I found are below. There are what appears to be wood grain all around this rock. Some of the grain goes around what looks like knots.

petrified 1petrified 2petrified 3petrified 4petrified 5petrified 6


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What the Cast Knows, What the Audience Doesn’t

April 23, 2022 • jdonahue

Everyone knows that there are criminals who have no regard for your well being. Some will even be friendly to gain your confidence (con man). Few people can conceive of a large group of people acting in concert to deceive you, or an official body doing the same.

I attended an event put on by an aledged healing ministry. There was too much emphasis put on donations. There was music that had the same sound as popular hits of the time. There was audiance participation and preaching to push the right buttons, but I have a strong impression it was a ruse, including shills in the audiance. It was strange to think that the whole group was in on it, but they had to be.

Think back to the time of the Clintons. There are something like 70 people who have been close to them who have “committed suicide”. Obviously, that many people in one set didn’t do themselves in, so there’s foul play. What I always struggled with was how all the local police departments made the same ruling, none investigated the incidents as muder, which most were. I thought I had a breakthrough in figuring it out when I surmised that it was for the department’s safety. Their policy is that when you offend the wrong people, you’re acting dangerously, and brought the consequences upon yourself. Therefore, it’s suicide.

Now, there’s been a fire at the Azure Standard Hq. There have been 18 fires at U.S. food processing plants in the last 6 months. With regards to this one, the Oregon Office of the State Fire Marshall has concluded that it wasn’t arson. The circumstances surrounding the fire make anything other that arson look extremelyunlikely. So here’s a State Fire Marshall probably involved in a cover up.

I have seen groups of people not in government involved in things that are very strange. I don’t relate the details because people wouldn’t believe me. What I’m starting to think is that the whole world is indeed a stage, and there are two kinds of people; the cast and the audience. What separates the two is simply that the audience doesn’t believe a large group of people they are in direct contact with, surrounded by, would be acting in secret concert. They believe that an organized crime gang, a mafia in a big city, would have cover businesses, and be quiet about their activities, but not closer, not small town USA. There are credible reports online about small town sherriff departments involved in large scale drug trafficing.

I don’t mean that everyone you meet, your neighbors, the guy who owns the hardware store, people like that are in on something hidden. I just mean that there are a lot more of these groups in more places than people realize. What these groups have in common is that they know most people don’t know. The cast and the audience.


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What’s Putin Talking About?

April 6, 2022 • jdonahue

44 Russian text

Here’s a very recent address to the American people, by the president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin. This post will remain at the top of this page; more recent post are just below this one.


A rare and very refreshing bit of candor on his part, but brief. Numerous details are available to expound on what’s said here. Here’s one that’s colorful but true; When Grand Duke Alexis meets Buffalo Bill, Custer, Sherman and Spotted Tail:  At the top of this page is a picture of a Smith and Wesson Model 3 in 44 Russian. The Grand Duke was visiting the US to see the progress on an order of these pistols. Over 131,000 were sold to Russia. Here’s a great article with terrific pictures about The Grand Duke’s visit.Buffalo_Bill_Cody_by_Burke,_1892

Here’s a truck that was an American design produced in Russia during The Great Patriotic War (WW2)

ZIS-5V truck

Here’s an article about 200 years of Us and Russian diplomatic relations; including how US hero John Paul Jones, was a Rear Admiral in the Russian Navy and fought alongside the great Russian military commander Alexander Suvorov. John_Paul_Jones

Source: John Paul Jones at Wikimedia

As for the current situation, the US is mostly controlled by the left. They march in lockstep regarding their narrative. Here are a few of the things they’ve said and taught , there are many more:

“Give us 14 days to flatten the curve”

“Mostly peaceful protests” as American cities burned.

Building 7 fell down by itself. It was part of the twin towers buildings. No plane or debris struck it, 

“Let’s GO Brandon” A news reporter lied and said this was what the crowd was chanting; when in reality they were saying “F.J.B.”

“A winter of severe illness and death” It was fear mongoring propaganda from Mr. Stolen election himself, Joe Biden:.

For decades, NATO has said they would not move eastward toward Russia, but they did just that, and now there are missiles pointed at Russia, on Russia’s borders. This is a serious and unecessary threat, as the USSR hasn’t existed since 1991. Fun Fact: where do more Europeran Billionaires live than any other European city? Answer: St. Petersbug, Russia. Why would these people want to return to a system where “the state owns the means of production”? The Russian Federation of today is not the USSR.

Biden’s son, Hunter, had a laptop full of lurid secrets and pictures. It is now being reported that the laptop has evidence of funding for US biolabs in Ukraine. There are literal Nazis in Ukraine that have been killing ethnic Russians since 2014. Hunter Biden got 83G a month for Ukrainian ceremonial gig

Ukraine was a hotbed of international corruption, and Russia wouldn’t risk the consequences of an attack on Ukraine unless there was a significant threat to Russia itself. For decades NATO has promised to not move eastward, but that promise has been incrimentally broken; to the point that Nato now has offensive missiles next to Russia. How would America feel if The opposite were true; if Russsia had offensive missiles on America’s Canadian or Mexican border? Unkrainian memebership in Nato is part of what this war is about .I’m Jim Donahue, I’ve been watcking the Ukrainian-Russia tensions since 2014, and unequivically believe Russia is reacting to a serious threat to its people. Don’t believe what western news sources are saying.

A free vector file: Z Patch

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Spring Update 3_19_2022

March 19, 2022 • jdonahue

This week I’ve been selling lumber but not milling it. The sawmill we’ve been using is borrowed, and is at a location that makes logistics difficult. It looks to me like being able to saw logs into lumber is only half the operation. getting logs to the mill, and getting lumber to the sales location are the other big parts.

So the plan now is to complete the restoration of the bigger green sawmil and use it at the location where we sell the lumber. That will be a lot better. I won’t be disturbing people with the traffic, and can work whatever hours I want. The pictures below are of a small log about to have the final cut, making four 2 X 8s; and the modifications we’re making on a small engine which will save us hundreds of dollars on the green mill. We have to mount this motor, replace a hydraulic line, and rewire the control panel. That should do it.


I have more pictures of the engine modification, but I might use them in a book I’ve thought about writing for years; one about my money saving tips. Other spring activities: we haven’t been diligent to get firewood because most days and nights are warm enough that we don’t need it. For convenience sake, I stopped by an axe throwing place and got their free firewood. It’s shredded in the middle, but pretty solid on the ends. It’s cottonwood; they said it doesn’t split as easily as p[ine. I thought that only grew in the midwest, but it grows here in Tennessee too. The pumpkin sprouts came up really fast, seems like 3 or 4 days only. The thin ones are tomatos from seeds bought in 2018. axeThrowpumpkinstomatos

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Good Activism Spotted

March 16, 2022 • jdonahue

I was in the men’s room of a well known convenience store today, and saw this sticker on the wall. It looks to be well made; and it’s goos to see others spreading information. The attempt to discredit it is interesting too. That’s information, if you know how to analize it, and work with it. I’ll do a search to see if I can find out anything about it. cardiac sticker

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Papa Challenge 3/7/2022 & Decor Idea & Bumper

March 7, 2022 • jdonahue

The Papa Challenge is a friendly challenge to fathers to spend time with their children, and pass on valuable information. This weekend we did two projects together; hewing a couple of old logs to see what kind of wood they are, and putting the decor in part of the barn that’s being converted into a trading post/ thrift store area.

My 13 year old son was involved more than his older brother. he got to learn to use these tools: Small broad axe, foot adze, circular saw, square, drill, impact driver, and pnumatic nail gun. First, the old logs. These were given to me last year, the man said that one is probably American Chestnut, maybe both. They might have both been creosote treated for use as RR bridge abutments; but they’ve been left outside so long that one was seriously deteriorated.

In the picture below, you see the side of the most deteriorated one, and a tool we found out in the field. Until I know the correct name and purpose, I’m calling it a mini broadaxe. It was severely rusted. I cleaned it up and put a new handle on it. It works very well for this purpose. We removed most of the wet and heavy rotten wood, leaving a 5 inch diameter of heartwood. hew1 I wanted to get a better look at what kind of wood it was, so I used a sharp foot adze to clean it up more. Here’s what log 1 looks like: Chestnut possbThe man who gave them to me mentioned that Chestnut had a wider grain pattern, so this might be it. I’ll see it better when I get it to the sawmill. Below is from the second log, the coin is a quarter, so this grain pattern is really wide. It was a lot less rotten, so should yield a lot more wood, so long as I don’t hit a nail. chestnut possb2 For comparison sake, I hewed off part of a telephone section, that I figure is from the 1970s; the wood there looks like typical pine. teleph pole I found two cut nails, which are long and square, on the second log. That seems like a good indication that this log is old. square nailThe nails were removed and I restored one of them, picture later. My son and I took turns working the tools. Me, because I was getting over what must be the Omicron variant, him, because he’s less experienced with these tools. It was a good time to talk about staying is shape. He noticed how many neighbors had difficulty working and were on lots of medications. After this we went and did carpentry work in the barn. I regularly get things, some new, that I think I could sell in a little thrift store; so that’s what this will be. Here’s my son using a pnumatic nail gun to fasten old barn boards to their supports. So far the only expense on this project has been some black plastic and the nails and screws. Nolan here’s a picture from when I was making the first wall. I put black plastic on the wall to hide the stuff behind it, and to make dark black in the gaps between boards. It works well. paneling1 The last project of the weekend I did alone. It’s a replacement bumper for my 2001 GMC Sonoma truck. It needs to be wide so that it will support things I plan to add later. If all goes as well as I hope, this will be the “wildest” bumper you’ve ever seen. I’m looking forward to it. In the top picture, you see my first cuts with the oxy/propane cutting torch. After heating and bending the steel to close the gap, it still needs more of the corner to be contoured, but that will have to be later. Had to go in and make supper for the crew. Chili and cornbread, mmmm. bumper1bumper2

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Making a Retro Cartoon for a Sign

February 3, 2022 • jdonahue

afetr all these years, I’m changing direction. I’m planning to be in the sawmill business, and do less signs and painting. Here’s a retro cartoon I’m making to go on a Lumber For Sale sign. The first step was to draw it with ink. Lumber guy 1 I posted this image on a social media site called Social Galactic, and asked readers if they could find the big mistake. One guy did find it, but there were funny comments and people pointed out other flaws. In perspective, things farther away appear smaller. That’s why the back leg and boot are smaller than the front (left) leg. But notice the hands, they’re backwards. Also noted was the absence of a boot sole, the wrong position of the thumb on the hammer, and the way a board joins to his overalls. Step two was to use a Bamboo Tablet to change those things. lumber guy1The final step was to import it into Inkscape, a vector editing program, and have the software assign a vector line to the image. A vector file is very different than an image like a JPG. It’s based on math and enlarges clearly. It also is what’s required for vinyl cutting machines, as well as laser cutters and CNC routers. I’ll probably just enlarge it to the size I want, then have the sign machine draw it on paper with a pen. Then I’ll use that as a traditional pounce pattern and paint the cartoon with brushes. here’s part of the image after it’s been vectorized; showing the edit control points. lumber guy2

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This Building Really Needed a New Coat of Paint

February 3, 2022 • jdonahue

My son has a shop on a busy street, where we plan to sell lumber soon. We decided to clean it up with a new paint job. Here are the before and after pictures. It’s not all the way done, it will need paint in corners and along edges, but you can tell what it will look like. I planned to use an airless sprayer, but it wasn’t working right, so it was all dome with rollers.

BC building3A close up of the peeling paint:

BC building1Finally, after pressure washing and paint, here it is:

Boyds Cr bldg

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