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Restoring a Sawmill

July 18, 2022 • jdonahue

I was running a borrowed sawmill as a business, but the logistics of moving logs in, lumber out, and being anoying to the neighbors was enough to make me put it on hold. We have another sawmill on loan, one that is bigger, but needs restoring. It’s been left outside for years, most of the control wires are torn off. The company that made it is no longer in business, so an owner’s manual isn’t available.

I worked on it more today. What I’m doing in essence is reverse engineering the owner’s manual and schematics. Up until today, I was just making drawings; today I was able to start tracking where hoses went, and thereby knowing how to operate the control panel, and which parts need to be replaced.

Below are some pictures. The first one is of the portable control panel, and the hoses attached to it. The labels were made months ago, but still work well. They’re made from pieces of sign vinyl (the stuff vinyl letters are cut from) and a black China marker, AKA a grease pencil. It hiolds up to weather and sun better than a felt marker.

control panel 1The next picture shows some of the drawings I’m making. The largest drawing is about 18 inches by 5 feet, the others are 8.5 X 11.

mill drawings 1mill drawings 4

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