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Police Priorities

May 30, 2022 • jdonahue

pensionSome are saying it was cowardice; I’ve got a different take. Not a new insight by any means, but bigger than people realize. My reply to a discussion of the hallway incident:

I wouldn’t call it cowardice only, as much as heartless. I heard that some of them were angry at the order. So this incident is the perfect example, the epitome, the current meme of a much bigger problem. The essence of what happened is that the officers prioritized their pensions over children’s lives. Another facet of this is that they have not learned another skill set. Many are veterans, they were trained in the application of force for the state. If there was another field waiting for them, there -might- be less of them obeying bad orders.
I’m expounding on this because it’s part of a bigger problem we face. The situation at the federal level is unsustainable. Being the snakes (sorry snakes, my apologies) that they are, they already have a phase 2 plan in place. We must be careful to not have state governments go along with it. The loyalty of police and military to their pensions will be a big hazard at that time.
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