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What the Cast Knows, What the Audience Doesn’t

April 23, 2022 • jdonahue

Everyone knows that there are criminals who have no regard for your well being. Some will even be friendly to gain your confidence (con man). Few people can conceive of a large group of people acting in concert to deceive you, or an official body doing the same.

I attended an event put on by an aledged healing ministry. There was too much emphasis put on donations. There was music that had the same sound as popular hits of the time. There was audiance participation and preaching to push the right buttons, but I have a strong impression it was a ruse, including shills in the audiance. It was strange to think that the whole group was in on it, but they had to be.

Think back to the time of the Clintons. There are something like 70 people who have been close to them who have “committed suicide”. Obviously, that many people in one set didn’t do themselves in, so there’s foul play. What I always struggled with was how all the local police departments made the same ruling, none investigated the incidents as muder, which most were. I thought I had a breakthrough in figuring it out when I surmised that it was for the department’s safety. Their policy is that when you offend the wrong people, you’re acting dangerously, and brought the consequences upon yourself. Therefore, it’s suicide.

Now, there’s been a fire at the Azure Standard Hq. There have been 18 fires at U.S. food processing plants in the last 6 months. With regards to this one, the Oregon Office of the State Fire Marshall has concluded that it wasn’t arson. The circumstances surrounding the fire make anything other that arson look extremelyunlikely. So here’s a State Fire Marshall probably involved in a cover up.

I have seen groups of people not in government involved in things that are very strange. I don’t relate the details because people wouldn’t believe me. What I’m starting to think is that the whole world is indeed a stage, and there are two kinds of people; the cast and the audience. What separates the two is simply that the audience doesn’t believe a large group of people they are in direct contact with, surrounded by, would be acting in secret concert. They believe that an organized crime gang, a mafia in a big city, would have cover businesses, and be quiet about their activities, but not closer, not small town USA. There are credible reports online about small town sherriff departments involved in large scale drug trafficing.

I don’t mean that everyone you meet, your neighbors, the guy who owns the hardware store, people like that are in on something hidden. I just mean that there are a lot more of these groups in more places than people realize. What these groups have in common is that they know most people don’t know. The cast and the audience.


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