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An Old Time Shoe Repair Shop

December 19, 2019 • jdonahue

Most people around here have driven from Seymour to Maryville on route 411. What many didn’t notice was a shoe repair shop at the corner where 411 comes into town. I went in there the other day, and it was a very pleasant visit. It’s so old school! there was a long powered shaft kind of tool behind the counter that had a number of grinding and polishing wheels on it. This tool looked like one long shaft, but was actually several, with each section powered by a 120 volt electric motor; with pulleys and belts. There was also a cutting machine and a stitching machine.

I told him about a hand made pair of Brogan shoes I have, which have the soles held on by pegs instead of stitches. he showed me two containers of pegs on the counter that he uses for various odd jobs. The wood counter top near the cash register is so worn that the hard grin stands 1/8 inch higher than the rest. It’s a really neat shop, if you’re in the East Tennessee area, and need some shoe repair work done, stop in there. Here’s some pictures:shoe shop 1shoe shop 2shoe shop 3shoe shop 4

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