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Calculated Risk and Reward

March 19, 2021 • jdonahue

My brother in asked if I would come by his place and see if I had any ideas about taking down a Virginia Pine tree that was leaning over the carport. We decided that we could remove some branches, pull it with a good nylon rope, guide it with a couple straps, and be careful how we made the cut at the bottom.

In the top picture, you can see the result, The tree is laying at about a 45 degree angle to the direction it was leaning, which was straight downhill toward the carport. I used the gold Ford van to pull the rope.

pine downThe next picture is taken uphill from the stump, facing the direction that the tree was leaning.

pine down2Here’s the stump, what’s interesting is how little wood was holding it up before it finally started to fall.

pine stump

While I was there I saw some moss and English Ivy growing on a smaller Virginia Pine. That’s a type of Southern Yellow pine. They’re dense and heavy woods compared to other pines.

pine & moss

On the way home, I again passed this beautiful hone in a small valley. A very simple but nice paint scheme.


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