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Messages on Cards

June 15, 2021 • jdonahue

The internet is paradoxical. On the one hand, I’ve gotten so much information that I wouldn’t get from legacy news sources. On the other hand, I have reason to believe that I don’t reach as many people as I think I am, or would like to online. Real life messages reach everyone. Examples are signs, spoken words, and printed material.

I had an idea for some two sided business cards. Here’s a vector file of each side:

Message_1b2Message_2b2Here are the same files as PDF:



Both file types are 1/8 inch over sized, which is the industry standard. You’re free to use them for personal or commercial use.

If you saw my previous post at Social Galactic, you know I was trying to act on an offer of 1000 free double sided cards, save shipping. They require a PDF file, but mine kept getting rejected for wrong size. I finally got that worked out; the problem was with the online file converter I was using.

With the delays, I wasn’t sure they would arrive by this weekend, and I have events then. So I went to a local printer. $65 + tax for 500, but they were done in one day, with no shipping delay. Here’s what they look like:message cards1


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