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New Directions, Old Directions

August 20, 2019 • jdonahue

I’ve spent a lot of time on social media trying to engage people about political matters. There came a point when I realized it was futile, so I’ve stopped that. I’m now making a few videos, and talking to people in person. There are more details at youtube, here’s one:

Other videos talk about plans to get a table at a gun show; which I did. Here’s a picture of the first show, I plan to do more, and I’ll make a video describing what happened while I was there. It was a big success. I would like to have handed out more printed material, but I was talking constantly to people who stopped at my table. Saturday, I was contacted by a man with a radio talk show who said he would be in contact, and Sunday I was asked to be a speaker at a constitutional rights group.

As for old directions, what initially inspired all this was a return to making signs and putting them out.


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