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Pictures From 12-18-2021

December 18, 2021 • jdonahue

These pictures are at work and home, day and night. The first two are on a mountain top where I’ve been running a sawmill. The wood is a close up of an Oak log. The bark has rotted away, as well as some of the wood. It looks like the harder parts of the wood were left standing like thousands of small fins.

wood 1

As I was leaving the mountain, I got this picture looking at distant ridges through sunlit trees.

mountain 1

I always enjoy the transformation a piece of wood goes through when varnish is applied.


Next is the full moon through a light fog and walnut tree branches.

moon mist

More branches from the same tree.

moon mist 2

Some smaller trees next to a small portable wood building made in the 1940s.

moon mist 3

Looking at the lights on the neighbor’s porch through the fog on a moonlit night.

moon mist 4

A car approaching through the same fog..

moon mist 5

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