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Spring Update 3_19_2022

March 19, 2022 • jdonahue

This week I’ve been selling lumber but not milling it. The sawmill we’ve been using is borrowed, and is at a location that makes logistics difficult. It looks to me like being able to saw logs into lumber is only half the operation. getting logs to the mill, and getting lumber to the sales location are the other big parts.

So the plan now is to complete the restoration of the bigger green sawmil and use it at the location where we sell the lumber. That will be a lot better. I won’t be disturbing people with the traffic, and can work whatever hours I want. The pictures below are of a small log about to have the final cut, making¬†four 2 X 8s; and the modifications we’re making on a small engine which will save us hundreds of dollars on the green mill. We have to mount this motor, replace a hydraulic line, and rewire the control panel. That should do it.


I have more pictures of the engine modification, but I might use them in a book I’ve thought about writing for years; one about my money saving tips. Other spring activities: we haven’t been diligent to get firewood because most days and nights are warm enough that we don’t need it. For convenience sake, I stopped by an axe throwing place and got their free firewood. It’s shredded in the middle, but pretty solid on the ends. It’s cottonwood; they said it doesn’t split as easily as p[ine. I thought that only grew in the midwest, but it grows here in Tennessee too. The pumpkin sprouts came up really fast, seems like 3 or 4 days only. The thin ones are tomatos from seeds bought in 2018.¬†axeThrowpumpkinstomatos

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