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The Plan?

April 14, 2021 • jdonahue

I have a number of thoughts regarding “the plan” that might involve President Trump, Q, Sidney Powell, Mike Lindell, General Flynn, etc, I have long held that the physical manifestation of our greatest enemy is the U.S. government. Even if a plan to reverse the stolen 2020 election is successful, it will probably result in moving the timeline back 20 years, with a repeat on the horizon. Nonetheless, I’m pragmatic enough to understand “the enemy of my enemy”, and want a large force of more experienced personnel involved in the conflict.

My optimism lies in this reasoning: Even if the plan is nonexistent at this point, individual states are asserting their own authority; I call it “Secession In Deeds”. I see three possible explanations for ‘the plan’. First, that there never was a plan. Second, that there was a plan, but it was thwarted. Third, that there still is a plan, but the challenge is enormous and time consuming.

┬áNow the point of this post: Explanation 3b. Several weeks ago General Flynn made an appeal for patriots to be in serious prayer. At the time I thought well, maybe an indicator that we lost, and “you guys are on your own, so yer gonna need a lot of prayer”. However, I’ve since had a different thought. Suppose that the Trump administration and the above mentioned people are civ-nat, and look at the situation more through a political lens than a spiritual lens. Now suppose that they have uncovered a combined political and spiritual operation much larger and embedded that assumed.

I’m not unaware of what has been revealed about all the pedos, and their vile behavior, along with the forced societal degradation around us. Of course that’s Satanic. What I’m talking about is the extent of how this dark force has infiltrated and placed its people in so many parts of society. Gangs, school boards, local government, media, all sorts of places from the county to the federal level. I was aware of some of it 35 years ago, but haven’t spoken about it because I figured people wouldn’t believe me, and I would be discredited. I’m not talking about people who have been taught all their lives what to think and not how to think. I’m talking about people who are consciously Satanic, but don’t show obvious signs.

They have a very intense doctrine of secrecy, so there are more of them than you realize. Also, another note, somewhat related. The ultimate goal of all the surveillance apparatus is so that Satan can be like God as expressed in Proverbs chapter 15: The eyes of the Lord are in every place, beholding the evil and the good”. He wants to know the activities of the dissenters.

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