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Sonoma Front Bumper Update

September 5, 2022 • jdonahue

I don’t know which is more embarrasing, having a collision that damages the front bumper, or leaving the truck on the yard without the brake on and having it roll into a pole. The latter is what did happen. The good part is that after taking the massive factory bumper off, I like the stubby look of the body much better without it.

I’m still working on the tusk push gaurds, but this needs to be in place for them to mount on. I made a larger one from some 3 sided channel steel, but it’s too big. It visually replaces what was there before, and I need something much more minimalistic. I was digging in the garden and hit what I thought was a rock. I moved the shovel tip to the side, and hit the object again, thinking that it was a brick. I moved the shovel to the side again, and hit the object once more. At that point, I worked at removing whatever it was. Turns out it was a very old car or truck axle from the late 1930s or early 1940s, I’m guessing. It has the perfect dimensions for this project.

Here’s what the truck bumper looked like from the factory:

blocks2bHere’s the stubby look, without the front bumper. It also has a new paint scheme which makes the body look slimmer.

Sonoma1Here’s the first bumper I was making, with the newer one below it. The newer one is an angle iron piece and the axle. The picture below that is after I made holes to mount the axle  to the angle iron bracket. The bolts are 5/8ths thick with 1&1/4 inch long spacers.

bumper2bumper 1Here’s a closer picture so that you can see how the axle is formed:

close upIt’s far from finished, but I like the progress. I was having doubts about the the other bumper I was making, and that’s not a good point to keep going from.

Update: I worked on the tusk part this weekend. I had to fire up the coal forge and bend the back plates to match the curved pieces.

tusk 800

The Movie is a Distraction?

September 3, 2022 • jdonahue

The Puppet’s red speech was so bizarre, so over the top that it made me wonder why. What if Q and the Uniparty are one, we are watching a movie, but it’s a distraction. Think about how vile the trans agenda and Disney Satanism toward children are; how people would react if there was no political theater. THOSE are the real agenda?

Now for some over the top speculation: The political situation gets so heated that we see the begining stages of CW 2.0. The military intervenes, saves America. Leaves D.C. intact, including the department of Education, with its Darwin and trans abominations. Everybody has a sigh of relief, they say “Finally, peace and safety” …

Remember when Islamic terrorism occupied so much of our attention? Did that all stop?

Terrorism EU

Here’s a meme I made a few years back; more applicable than ever.


Unpleasant Coincidences

July 23, 2022 • jdonahue

I was a creationist before I was a Christian. I know God is real, and so is His adversary. The reports I hear of terrible things happenning to children; as well as the desire to have a good place for my children to dwell in, are part of the reasons I’m involved in activism. My medium is signs. Other people use the internet, which helps me to stay informed, but my efforts to reach people there have very limited results, besides, I would be “preaching to the choir”.

I’ve spent a lot of time lately thinking about world events, trying to make sense of what’s going on and what I should do about it. Wednesday night I thought that I should use some of the enemy’s own activities against them. That could involve different facets; one is that the things they’re promoting right now are so strange that they open themselves to savage mockery.

Thursday while doing a rote task, I prayed about it, and thought of a sign with three simple drawings on it. The first drawing will say “Not an airplane”. EDIT: the drawings and vector files are completed.


I walked to the site and got these pictures. Here’s what was dangerous: the tree he crashed into had been felled a couple weeks ago, the wood is very fresh, and strong. In the second picture, you can see a number of broken limbs pointing the EXACT direction of the plane’s path.

The little plane doesn’t really have a cab; had he been a couple feet lower, he would have been gored. Yes, this could all be coincidence, but my impression was that they were telling me how big they are, and that they can arrange things. Well OK, I already knew that, I’ve seen things I don’t talk about, because people wouldn’t believe me.

There are a number of Bible verses that talk about God’s protection, and as far as I’m concerned, this is another example. God saw to it that he went just above those limbs. Yes, I could put the sign on hold, but this isn’t the first time I thought “Thanks for confirming what you don’t like”.

Please keep us in prayer. I don’t consider myself Joe Bad, in fact, when I was young, I was the fat kid who came home from school and watched Gilligan’s Island reruns on TV. Life has a way of changing all that, and being a sign maker, I consider this my duty. crash1crash2prop

Restoring a Sawmill

July 18, 2022 • jdonahue

I was running a borrowed sawmill as a business, but the logistics of moving logs in, lumber out, and being anoying to the neighbors was enough to make me put it on hold. We have another sawmill on loan, one that is bigger, but needs restoring. It’s been left outside for years, most of the control wires are torn off. The company that made it is no longer in business, so an owner’s manual isn’t available.

I worked on it more today. What I’m doing in essence is reverse engineering the owner’s manual and schematics. Up until today, I was just making drawings; today I was able to start tracking where hoses went, and thereby knowing how to operate the control panel, and which parts need to be replaced.

Below are some pictures. The first one is of the portable control panel, and the hoses attached to it. The labels were made months ago, but still work well. They’re made from pieces of sign vinyl (the stuff vinyl letters are cut from) and a black China marker, AKA a grease pencil. It hiolds up to weather and sun better than a felt marker.

control panel 1The next picture shows some of the drawings I’m making. The largest drawing is about 18 inches by 5 feet, the others are 8.5 X 11.

mill drawings 1mill drawings 4

Family Adapting to Circumstances.

June 19, 2022 • jdonahue

My wife passed away about two years ago. I have two sons who are still school age. One of my daughters, who is 20, has stepped in to take care of them, but it means spending a lot of time at home. One of the things she does for money is to buy old horse trailers, paint them, and resell them. It works well. Most of the work for a paint job is in the preparation steps, which she does. Then I do the actual painting.

It’s a learning process; here are a few tips on what we do: Paint them grey, since it’s a nuetral color, and is more compatible with the color of the buyer’s vehicle. For instance, even though I have a couple gallons of a nice green color, it won’t go well with someone who owns a red truck. In this latest case, she bought white for the roof, and grey. I painted the roof white first, (it will be cooler in summer), then the grey at the bottom. Next I took the remainder of both, and mixed them to make the light grey in the middle. That way, it will be an exact tint of the grey below, which in this case is a nice warm charcoal type of grey..

In the second picture you can see a dashed red line I made with a sharpie pen prior to painting the darker grey. It’s an old trick, just about gauranteed tio work. Red bleeds through really bad, so I use that to my advantage. This way I can spray the lower grey just above the line so that I know it’s completely covering the lower area. Also, I don’t have to draw the line twice, or spend the time taping it off twice. The second application of tape would be slow, since I would have to align it perfectly with the previous application. This works really well, and the red doesn’t have enough penetration to come through the light grey. horse trailer 1horse trailer 2

White, black, grey, and silver are nuetral “colors”. (In art class I was told that they really aren’t colors, and I concur, but for the sake of conversation, I refer to them as such) Clean the tires really weel before painting the wheels. That way, you won’t mar the fresh paint with chemicals like degreaser. I use a somewhat thing piece of aluminum as a paint guard. It’s about 4 inches wide by 24 inches long. It’s bent in a curve. I place it carefully around the little bit of steel that is the outside edge of the wheel, and hold it there with one hand while using a can of spray paint in the other. The guard isn’t long enough to go all the way around the wheel, so I’m very careful to not paint to the ends of the guard. If I did, paint would spary past the guard and get on the tire. A really bad, cheesy look. This is the absolute fastest and easiest way I’ve ever used to paint wheels. Not only is the silver nuetral, but it has awesome coverage. Another thing, I was careful about proportions. The narrowest area is the white on the roof, the light grey is a little wider, and the dark grey is the widest area. that way none are competing with another for design/visual trailer 3

My New Buddy

June 18, 2022 • jdonahue

Donkey 1

A couple months ago, we were suddenly aware of a new presence in the pasture across the street. A friend of the land owner wanted a place to put his donkey, so they agreed to put it there. It made loud braying sounds day and night. I mean REALLY LOUD, like a foghorn. After awhile, you get somewhat accustomed to it.

I got to seeing the donkey, and wondering about it. So I went over to the fence when it was near. As far as I know, these animals are rounded up by the BLM and sent out for adoption. They do the same with wild mustamgs, but I know for certain that the mustangs get training before finding a home. I’m not so sure about the donkeys. Here’s a strong animal, who could break my fingers if he bit the, so I had to be careful.

Well talk about friendly. He let me pet him, and seemed to like it. I noticed that his hooves were grown way out, which is not good, they need to be trimmed. I assume he has never been brushed, or at least, not lately. I wanted to work with him, but needed to obtain permission. So I asked the land owner, who said he would ask the donkey owner. I’ve been very busy lately, and have missed the land owner the few times I tried to recontact him. Finally I talked to him as he was driving his tractor down the street, and he said that it would be OK.

This moring I saw the donkey near the barn, and called him over. I got a few pieces of whole grain bread, and went inside the pasture where he was. He liked the bread, I figure a few pieces wouldn’t collick him. NOTE: learn about “5 Hearts” before feeding any equine type animal, or even being around them One bag of sweet feed left carelessly open near horses can ruin them for life. Seriously. “5Hearts” is the first thing you need to learn. I cautiously touched him, running my hands along his back and sides. I even ran a hand down his leg, and was able to pick up the lower part of each front leg. Once he gets confortable with that, I might try to trim the front hooves.

I’ve done this before, but it was on a horse I knew was tame. This, like other projects involving animals, will require patience, but I think it will go well. The land owner said that a farrier was ‘supposed to’ come by for the hooves, but those guys are busy, and getting them to stop in for one semi wild little animal can be difficult. He also said another friend wanted to stud him, (he has all his original equipment). That’s another reason I’m surpried at how friendly he is. Maybe donkeys are just different than horses.

After I petted him, I got a few horse grooming brushes. He let me brush him all over, although I left most of the back legs alone. He even let me brush his course little tangled tail hairs. Such a good boy. When I was done, he followed me to the gate, as though he wanted more. Rest assured little buddy, there will be more. Someone as busy as me needs to be carefull about taking on a new project, but there’s a practical angle: He’s a small draft animal. There’s a spring in a valley near our house, if things get bad, I can hitch my buddy to a small cart, and have him bring buckets of water up to the house.

Whatever happens, it was great start to this Saturday.

Police Priorities

May 30, 2022 • jdonahue

pensionSome are saying it was cowardice; I’ve got a different take. Not a new insight by any means, but bigger than people realize. My reply to a discussion of the hallway incident:

I wouldn’t call it cowardice only, as much as heartless. I heard that some of them were angry at the order. So this incident is the perfect example, the epitome, the current meme of a much bigger problem. The essence of what happened is that the officers prioritized their pensions over children’s lives. Another facet of this is that they have not learned another skill set. Many are veterans, they were trained in the application of force for the state. If there was another field waiting for them, there -might- be less of them obeying bad orders.
I’m expounding on this because it’s part of a bigger problem we face. The situation at the federal level is unsustainable. Being the snakes (sorry snakes, my apologies) that they are, they already have a phase 2 plan in place. We must be careful to not have state governments go along with it. The loyalty of police and military to their pensions will be a big hazard at that time.

Is This Petrified Wood?

May 6, 2022 • jdonahue

I was out in the woods looking for a certain shaped branch, which I found, but I also found a rock that I think is petrified wood. Here’s the branch I was looking for; the old timers used one like it for riving white oak shingles. It’s on a shave horse, where I used a draw knife to remove the bark.

brace 2

Pictures of the rock I found are below. There are what appears to be wood grain all around this rock. Some of the grain goes around what looks like knots.

petrified 1petrified 2petrified 3petrified 4petrified 5petrified 6


What the Cast Knows, What the Audience Doesn’t

April 23, 2022 • jdonahue

Everyone knows that there are criminals who have no regard for your well being. Some will even be friendly to gain your confidence (con man). Few people can conceive of a large group of people acting in concert to deceive you, or an official body doing the same.

I attended an event put on by an aledged healing ministry. There was too much emphasis put on donations. There was music that had the same sound as popular hits of the time. There was audiance participation and preaching to push the right buttons, but I have a strong impression it was a ruse, including shills in the audiance. It was strange to think that the whole group was in on it, but they had to be.

Think back to the time of the Clintons. There are something like 70 people who have been close to them who have “committed suicide”. Obviously, that many people in one set didn’t do themselves in, so there’s foul play. What I always struggled with was how all the local police departments made the same ruling, none investigated the incidents as muder, which most were. I thought I had a breakthrough in figuring it out when I surmised that it was for the department’s safety. Their policy is that when you offend the wrong people, you’re acting dangerously, and brought the consequences upon yourself. Therefore, it’s suicide.

Now, there’s been a fire at the Azure Standard Hq. There have been 18 fires at U.S. food processing plants in the last 6 months. With regards to this one, the Oregon Office of the State Fire Marshall has concluded that it wasn’t arson. The circumstances surrounding the fire make anything other that arson look extremelyunlikely. So here’s a State Fire Marshall probably involved in a cover up.

I have seen groups of people not in government involved in things that are very strange. I don’t relate the details because people wouldn’t believe me. What I’m starting to think is that the whole world is indeed a stage, and there are two kinds of people; the cast and the audience. What separates the two is simply that the audience doesn’t believe a large group of people they are in direct contact with, surrounded by, would be acting in secret concert. They believe that an organized crime gang, a mafia in a big city, would have cover businesses, and be quiet about their activities, but not closer, not small town USA. There are credible reports online about small town sherriff departments involved in large scale drug trafficing.

I don’t mean that everyone you meet, your neighbors, the guy who owns the hardware store, people like that are in on something hidden. I just mean that there are a lot more of these groups in more places than people realize. What these groups have in common is that they know most people don’t know. The cast and the audience.


What’s Putin Talking About?

April 6, 2022 • jdonahue

44 Russian text

Here’s a very recent address to the American people, by the president of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin. This post will remain at the top of this page; more recent post are just below this one.


A rare and very refreshing bit of candor on his part, but brief. Numerous details are available to expound on what’s said here. Here’s one that’s colorful but true; When Grand Duke Alexis meets Buffalo Bill, Custer, Sherman and Spotted Tail:  At the top of this page is a picture of a Smith and Wesson Model 3 in 44 Russian. The Grand Duke was visiting the US to see the progress on an order of these pistols. Over 131,000 were sold to Russia. Here’s a great article with terrific pictures about The Grand Duke’s visit.Buffalo_Bill_Cody_by_Burke,_1892

Here’s a truck that was an American design produced in Russia during The Great Patriotic War (WW2)

ZIS-5V truck

Here’s an article about 200 years of Us and Russian diplomatic relations; including how US hero John Paul Jones, was a Rear Admiral in the Russian Navy and fought alongside the great Russian military commander Alexander Suvorov. John_Paul_Jones

Source: John Paul Jones at Wikimedia

As for the current situation, the US is mostly controlled by the left. They march in lockstep regarding their narrative. Here are a few of the things they’ve said and taught , there are many more:

“Give us 14 days to flatten the curve”

“Mostly peaceful protests” as American cities burned.

Building 7 fell down by itself. It was part of the twin towers buildings. No plane or debris struck it, 

“Let’s GO Brandon” A news reporter lied and said this was what the crowd was chanting; when in reality they were saying “F.J.B.”

“A winter of severe illness and death” It was fear mongoring propaganda from Mr. Stolen election himself, Joe Biden:.

For decades, NATO has said they would not move eastward toward Russia, but they did just that, and now there are missiles pointed at Russia, on Russia’s borders. This is a serious and unecessary threat, as the USSR hasn’t existed since 1991. Fun Fact: where do more Europeran Billionaires live than any other European city? Answer: St. Petersbug, Russia. Why would these people want to return to a system where “the state owns the means of production”? The Russian Federation of today is not the USSR.

Biden’s son, Hunter, had a laptop full of lurid secrets and pictures. It is now being reported that the laptop has evidence of funding for US biolabs in Ukraine. There are literal Nazis in Ukraine that have been killing ethnic Russians since 2014. Hunter Biden got 83G a month for Ukrainian ceremonial gig

Ukraine was a hotbed of international corruption, and Russia wouldn’t risk the consequences of an attack on Ukraine unless there was a significant threat to Russia itself. For decades NATO has promised to not move eastward, but that promise has been incrimentally broken; to the point that Nato now has offensive missiles next to Russia. How would America feel if The opposite were true; if Russsia had offensive missiles on America’s Canadian or Mexican border? Unkrainian memebership in Nato is part of what this war is about .I’m Jim Donahue, I’ve been watcking the Ukrainian-Russia tensions since 2014, and unequivically believe Russia is reacting to a serious threat to its people. Don’t believe what western news sources are saying.

A free vector file: Z Patch

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